Monday, August 5, 2013

Isaiah 53: 7-12 poetical paraphrase

I worked this out for a retreat liturgy I am putting together. It is a poetical paraphrase of Isaiah 53:7-12 where I strove to remove the distinctions between the parts of the trinity played out, at least in a Christian perspective, of the text...

Oppressed… yet submissive,
like a sheep being lead to slaughter
like an ewe, dumb before those who shear her
not even opening her mouth

Taken away by oppressive judgment
Who could describe that place?
sliced away from any nourishing earth
by the sins of those who deserved punishment

Buried amidst the wicked liars,
In the cold tombs of the oppressors
One who had warmed the hearts of victims
And ever told the truth.

God longed to be open to our pain
an offering for our guilt and shame,
so that we might have abundant life,
might prosper and have purpose

Anguished tears bring vision
Loving devotion brings full joy
Cut off once from all that is living
Bearing away all that is shame

Once again to make things whole
God having now known death
Having been numbered amidst the wicked
Intercedes for the sins surely born.

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